Bottaro Wins: $320,000.00 Settlement Win For Bristol, RI Car Accident Personal Injury Client!!

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What happens after a car accident results in disc herniations and the need for a cervical anterior discectomy as well as a shoulder tear requiring surgery?  In today’s blog, I am going to review how I helped our client achieve a maximum policy limit settlement after a parking lot crash.

RI Rear End Car Accident Resulting In Cervical Anterior Discectomy And Slap Shoulder Repair

Our client was a manager at a store who was injured when a careless driver slammed into the rear of his vehicle. He experienced immediate neck and shoulder pain.

This Bristol, Rhode Island car accident turned into a serious personal injury case. As he received conservative physical therapy treatment, it was soon clear his injuries were worse. MRI studies confirmed herniated discs and shoulder tear.

This resulted in our client undergoing two surgeries and rehabilitation for same.  During this painful and difficult experience, our client lost wages from his job and incurred tens of thousands of medical bills.

Our client knew to call us right away at 401-777-7777, as we’ve helped him before! Our No Fee Guarantee means he did not have to worry about any fees, costs, etc. unless and until we win the case, working on a commission! He knew he could trust us to fight for him, and win!

The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC Fights GEICO On Herniated Disc Shoulder Tear Personal Injury Case

The at fault driver’s insurance company was GEICO. As in almost all situations, the insurance company knew its driver was in the wrong;  knew the injuries were severe; and, yet, did all it could to delay, deny, and defend against fairly compensating our client.

At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we are trial ready and never accept first offers. In this case, GEICO attempted to settle this case for about half of what we ultimately recovered for our client. Half. Can you imagine if our client had not immediately called us after the crash?

But we love what we do and we love getting justice for our clients! With our decades of experience, we were able to fight and win our client a policy limit settlement of nearly $320,000.00!

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