Car Accident in Massachusetts, But I'm a Rhode Island Resident. What Next?

The car accident happened in Massachusetts, but I’m a Rhode Island resident. What do I do?

I’m personal injury attorney Mike Bottaro and I get this question all the time. Let me share a big time settlement we reached in just this situation.

Our client lives in North Smithfield and was struck head on by a careless driver in Upton, Massachusetts. She had a major leg fracture and with that came emotional trauma as well. We take pride in acting fast. When our client called me, I came to her house, met with her family and jumped into the case.

For cases involving both Massachusetts and Rhode Island issues, you need the best personal injury lawyer with experience. There’s special laws, details and paperwork that we tackle just for you. And that’s exactly what our team did in this case. I am proud to say that we started with a client and we ended with a friend. We walked her through the hard times together and at the end of the case I’m proud to announce that we reached a maximum policy limit settlement for over $180,000.

If you have a question about personal injury law, I want to help. Call or text me anytime for a free consultation on your case.