Car Accident Settlement: Bottaro Recovers $100,000.00 For Plymouth, MA MVA Client

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Are you dealing with uncooperative insurance companies after a Massachusetts motor vehicle accident with personal injuries?

Broken Leg, Personal Injuries After Massachusetts Car Accident

On a sunny summer day, our client, a 33-year-old-man from Fall River, was in Plymouth, MA, intending to purchase a vehicle from a friend. While taking the car on a test drive, they traveled westbound on Samoset Street.

The at-fault party was stopped on Samoset Street, waiting to turn left into a McDonald’s parking lot. Inexplicably, the at-fault driver made the unfortunate decision to turn left across both lanes of westbound traffic. This act of negligence cut off our client, causing a significant collision.

Our client suffered immediately from a compound fracture to his right tibia. Paramedics secured his leg with a boot-style splint and rushed him to South Shore Hospital. At the emergency room, doctors diagnosed our client with an open tibia fracture ( broken leg) and an index metacarpal fracture of the right hand ( broken hand)

The doctor conducted Intramedullary Rod Closed Reduce Open Right Distal Tibial Fracture Surgery the following day. In this particular type of surgery, doctors secure the broken bones to a long metal rod installed in the leg.

Two days following leg surgery, our client underwent Closed Reduction of the Right-Hand 1st Metacarpal Fracture surgery to repair his broken hand. Unfortunately, both of these surgeries left our client with permanent scarring.

The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC Obtains Policy Limit Maximum Settlement!

Insurance companies will do anything they can to avoid paying you adequate compensation for your injuries. This is why you need the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC; our team of dedicated lawyers pride themselves on obtaining maximum settlements for our clients.

This case presented itself with a unique fight. Initially, the insurance company claimed our client was 50% at fault for this accident. Can you believe that? Someone cuts you off, causing a significant accident, and the insurance company says you’re partially to blame!!!

Fortunately for our client, we’ve heard every excuse in the book. With over 20 years of experience, we have extensive knowledge of Massachusetts laws. We reminded the insurance company that in Massachusetts, any operator intending to turn left, in an intersection, across the path or lane of vehicles approaching from the opposite direction shall, before turning, yield the right-of-way until such time as the left turn can be made with reasonable safety.

The insurance company re-thought their offer and settled for the maximum policy limit of $100,000. So call me today to find out how much your Massachusetts motor vehicle accident is worth.

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