Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Rhode Island

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to experience a deadly accident on the road than those in passenger cars. While many of these accidents can be linked to reckless behavior and motorcycle inexperience, some accidents can be caused at the fault of vehicle or roadway defects. Considering May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, it is important that riders know the ways of riding the road and how to avoid accidents and harm to themselves or others. However, even the most experienced rider can do everything correctly and still land themselves injured in a motorcycle wreck that may be no fault of their own.

Bike accidents caused by the negligence of a Rhode Island town or city may have limited relief available. For example, in the case of property damage caused by a pothole on a town or city street “the cities and towns shall also be liable to all persons who may in any way suffer injury to their persons or property by reason of any neglect” R.I. Gen. Laws. § 24-5-13. However, Rhode Island law caps the amount paid at only $300.00. For personal injury damages caused by a town or city actor, there may be limited remedies. Subject to certain exceptions, the damages recovered generally “shall not exceed the sum of $100,000” R.I. Gen. Laws. § 9-31-3.

Bike accidents may also be the result of a product defect. Common defects include brake or engine failure, fuel tank malfunction, and tire and handlebar defects. These malfunctions can increase the risk of bike accidents including, failure to stop, fire risk due to fuel leakage, blowouts, and total loss of control. If you are in an accident in which a product defect may be at fault, our experienced Rhode Island product liability lawyers may help.

As seen, Rhode Island motorcycle accidents can result in personal injuries and complex scenarios. If you are in an accident in which a faulty product or a damaged roadway may be at cause, an experienced Providence personal injury attorney can help protect your rights.