4 Things You Should Know Before Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer in Rhode Island

If you find yourself in need of a personal injury attorney, you may wonder what criteria you should use in selecting one that will win your case. To find a successful personal injury lawyer in Rhode Island, you should always do your research.

#1: Read Those Testimonials

The first step in finding the best personal injury lawyer nearby is to ask around. Use your friends and family network to see who has had direct experience with that Rhode Island attorney. You will undoubtedly see testimonials on the attorney’s website. It’s even more effective if you can speak to someone who has used the services of the lawyer and ask them about their experience. For example, did the lawyer keep the client informed and up-to-date? How did the case turn out? Was that person pleased with the service?

#2: Beware of Hidden Fees

Make sure the attorney offers free consultations. Most personal injury attorneys do not charge for initial consultations. A reputable lawyer will be willing to discuss the basic facts of your case and tell you whether they feel you have a case, for free. Moreover, be sure that any and all fees are completely transparent up front.

The initial consultation is a good way to judge whether the attorney will be passionate and interested in taking your case. Does the attorney give you the feeling they will do all they can to help you? Did they ask a lot of questions? Did they explain the process to you? Find a personal injury attorney who takes the time and effort to make you feel comfortable with the road ahead.

For many big personal injury firms in Rhode Island, the name brand lawyer is not the one the client ever gets to meet, talk to, or have handle his or her case. Choose a firm where the lead attorney has a personal interaction with each client – rather than just being a face you see on commercials.

#3: Check Their Experience

Check the experience and credentials of the attorney. How long have they been practicing? Do they have experience with the type of case you are bringing? Look for credentials such as board certifications, peer ratings from other attorneys, ratings online and other legal awards.

#4: Be Observant About Their Practice

Make sure the personal injury lawyer has the money to finance your case. Accident lawsuits are expensive. You want to make sure your lawyer can afford to handle your case from start to finish and that finances don’t influence the decision-making process. Look at the law office. Does the lawyer have a nice building, sufficient space, good location, and proper staff? These are good clues as to whether they can afford to take your case.

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