Choosing The Right Personal Injury Law Firm: 3 Tips

I am blessed to represent those injured throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  Our entire law firm feels the same way.  To be able to have your voice heard and justice served for you, our customer and dear client, is truly an honor.  Today, I would like to share 3 tips on a very important decision if you have a personal injury case: Who to Hire?

1) Does The Law Firm Limit Its Cases To Only Personal Injury?

You would not go to a foot doctor if you needed heart surgery and for the same reason, you should not hire a law firm that practices anything except personal injury law.  The law is complex in personal injury.  Lawyers are busy.  Your personal injury case deserves to be handled by a law firm that has the resources to win and only devotes itself to the help you need – personal injury. And only representing the injured, never the insurance company!

2) Is The Personal Injury Law Firm Local To Rhode Island And Massachusetts?

You will see that many law firms advertise in our community that are not actually local to us. They do not know where Federal Hill is and could not find Rolf Square with a map. They may not have even ever experienced a Dunkin Donuts or Del’s, for crying out loud!  So, you can imagine that outside lawyers do not know our hospitals, our medical records, our local insurance people, let alone the lawyers and judges that will decide your personal injury settlement!

3) Does The Personal Injury Law Firm Have Record Of Caring For People?

All personal injury law firms like to brag about their best settlements and how much money they get for people. And that is all well and good and you can see our case results here.  But in addition to great results, you will get better results more consistently by hiring a firm here that actually cares about you.   “No one should fight Goliath alone,” is our mission statement.  This means that each and everyone that we hire at Bottaro Law is passionate about getting to know you and taking on the big companies here.  We offer 24/7 service and free case reviews.  Please read our reviews – they are authentic and plentiful!

Choosing A Personal Injury Law Firm

The Bottaro Law Firm’s Client Services Team

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