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Do you have a loved one with autism?  This is personal injury lawyer Mike Bottaro. In addition to striving to be the best personal injury law firm in the region, our firm strives to meet the bigger mission of supporting our community. In today’s blog, we want to shine the light on an organization that is near and dear to one of our firm’s legal assistants.

The Autism Project

As part of our charitable giving budget, each month a team member selects a “Charity of the Month.”  As we dress down and people come and go form the firm, the team and public are free to generously give. At the end of the month, The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC matches the donation – thereby doubling it!

One of our legal assistant’s has a young boy recently diagnosed on the autism spectrum. As many of you know, autistic children have special talents and needs.  Raising an autistic child amongst raising other children, maintaining a relationship, and excelling at work is truly a special calling!  And our legal assistant rocks it everyday!

The month of April is considered Autism Awareness month. Autism is a neurological disorder that impacts an individual’s ability to interact and communicate with others. Autism can affect each person in a different way and is a very broad diagnosis.

The Autism Project has been around since 1997. The goal of The Autism Project is to provide support, training and resources for children, families and professionals affected by Autism. They use an education- based approach to provide their services. The Autism Project assists all families in Rhode Island from pre-k to the college years. They rely heavily on donations and volunteers to be able to provide support to individuals in need of assistance.

Support for all

Thousands of families reach out to The Autism Project each year to obtain resources and gain knowledge on Autism to support their family member. They provide peer groups for parents and even during COVID-19  held zoom meetings to provide assistance to parents in need.

Most staff that works at The Autism Project has been affected by Autism in some way. They help to provide support to assist parents or others in any way they may need. When a child is first diagnosed it can be a shocking time for a parent. It is a great relief when you can reach out to another parent that has already been through similar situations and helps to ease the minds of newly diagnosed parents. The Autism Project is even there just to lend an ear to listen in times of need.

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