Comparative Fault in a Slip & Fall Accident


We have decades of combined legal experience winning slip and fall cases in RI and Massachusetts. Today, with winter in full swing, slip and fall accidents are more likely to occur – especially on snow and ice.  Do you know how we fight for your rights to achieve maximum compensation?  Today, I am blogging the legal standards – and pitfalls that may apply.  Call or text me 24/7 for your free consultation on your situation.

Rhode Island And Massachusetts Slip and Fall Legal Principles: Comparative Negligence

In Rhode Island and Massachusetts, the general law is that property owners can be held liable to you for “dangerous conditions” that cause you injury.

Therefore, we need to know about your case right away after it happens. Delay can destroy your case. We must investigate to gather and preserve evidence, and perform other legal tasks.

Additionally, you need to watch out for attempts to trick you into giving misleading statements that can likewise destroy your case!

Insurance companies, business owners, and investigators all will try to catch you before you contact the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC – they are looking to hurt, not help your case!

The reason for this is that they know that the doctrine of “comparative negligence” can prevent you recovering any money even when you were injured due to a dangerous condition.

“Comparative negligence” means that a fact finder can decide that you were partially, mostly, or totally at fault for your own injuries – thereby reducing or eliminating any monetary award to you. So, for example, if you fell on someone’s property and suffered $100,000.00 in damages, but were found 50% at fault, you would receive $50,000.00.

When you call or text me at the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we will jump on investigating the incident to help win your case! I will advise you on what to do – and not do – to maximize the settlement after a slip and fall accident.

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