Cumberland Rhode Island Rear End Car Accident Settled By Bottaro Law!

Did you know that rear end car accidents are the most frequent type of car accident?  We live in Rhode Island and Massachusetts where all too often, drivers are distracted and hurried.  We are proud to offer 24/7 free case reviews for rear end car accident personal injury cases.  Here is a recent Cumberland, Rhode Island settlement we obtained for a grateful client.

Cumberland Rhode Island

Our Client Donna With Samantha After her Settlement!

Cumberland RI Personal Injuries From Car Accident 

Our client was rear-ended by a care-less driver that was following too closely and failed to stop in time when our client braked.  

Cumberland Rhode Island Rear End

Read End Car Accident

Our client suffered injuries to the neck and left shoulder. The impact was significant enough to leave her left shoulder with pain radiating down her arm. 

Shoulder pain can not only be uncomfortable but can cause other underlying medical conditions such as Bursitis, Tendonitis or even Rotator Cuff injuries. Our client was referred to an Orthopedic Physician and Physical Therapy. 

Cumberland Rhode Island Injury

Patient recovering from personal injury

Our client was experiencing pain and inflammation. She was later referred to undergo a cervical epidural steroid injection to help prevent the pain and weakness. 

The medical expenses from various doctor’s visits and treatment started to pile up. 

It would be some time before our client could get back to the things she enjoyed. She not only dedicates her time to liver research at Rhode Island Hospital, but enjoys completing home improvements on her home. 

How Much Is My Car Accident Case Worth?

The value of your Rhode Island or Massachusetts car accident case depends on several factors, including the severity of your injury, medical expenses, and lost wages.  

There is an average of 1.7 million rear-end collisions that take place in the United States each year. Here at Bottaro Law, we understood how hard it can be to feel restricted and how traumatizing it can be to be inconvenienced.  

In this case, fortunately, our client did not require surgery and so her settlement was based on the above factors for her closed time in treatment.  “Working with [this client] was rewarding. I enjoy helping our clients with medical bills, paper work and advice on medical treatment so at the end of the day, they can feel better,” explained our paralegal, Samantha. 

After undergoing treatment, our client felt strong enough to get back to the things she enjoys. The parties agreed upon a settlement that would bring closure to our client and help provide certain financial security for her as well. 

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