Cumberland, RI Car Accident Personal Injury Results: Wrist Surgery Settles for $127,500.00!

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If you know Cumberland like I do, you know that Mendon Road can be dangerous. Today, I am blogging about a recent personal injury case success from a Cumberland, Rhode Island car accident personal injury car accident case.

Cumberland, Rhode Island Auto Accident and Personal Injuries

Our client was driving northbound along Mendon Road in Cumberland, Rhode Island, when he approached the intersection and stopped in traffic. Unaware of the traffic change, the defendant failed to stop and collided with the rear of our client’s vehicle.

Immediately feeling pain, Cumberland Fire Department transported our client to Kent Hospital to have his personal injuries taken care of. Our client was diagnosed with a cervical sprain/strain, a right wrist sprain/strain, and was advised to follow-up with orthopedic treatment and physical therapy.

After several weeks of physical therapy treatment, our client was still feeling right wrist pain. Our client visited his orthopedic doctor, who referred him to schedule an MRI for his wrist. The MRI impression read that our client had a partial tear of the dorsal scapholunate ligament and was recommended to continue wearing a wrist splint.

Over a year after our client’s car accident occurred, our client was still feeling increasing pain in his right wrist. When a second MRI was conducted, our client was diagnosed with an ulnar styloid nonunion and peripheral TFCC tear and was recommended for an arthroscopic surgery of his right wrist.

Since our client’s surgery, he still continues to follow-up with physical therapy and orthopedic visits. His right wrist still remains in pain and his range of motion is limited. Because of this, personal injury attorney Mike Bottaro and his experienced legal team was able to help our client receive compensation for his permanent injuries – per R.I. Civ. Pattern Jury Instruction 10002.5 Bodily Injury and Impairment.

At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, Attorney Bottaro was able to work efficiently to quickly recognize his client’s full monetary damages, and present same in a professional manner to the auto insurance company. From the hard work and fighting with the insurance companies, Bottaro Law was able to settle this auto accident claim for $127,500.00!

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