Demand Proper Nursing Home Treatment

They say you can measure the quality of a nursing home by looking in the patients’ mouths, because it is one of the last things to be taken care of. Our personal injury law firm is passionate about ensuring our Rhode Island and Massachusetts nursing homes are caring for our loved ones with the upmost of standards.

The New York Times recently looked into a case where a World War II veteran was injured because of the neglect of his Virginia nursing home. Katherine Ford, 57, visited her father daily when one day she noticed her father’s toothbrush was covered in dust. She took the time to brush his teeth for him after their lunches, until one day he complained of a severe headache and toothache and she asked the nursing home staff to make an appointment with his dentist. His tooth had cracked in two, due to neglect to take proper care of it (New York Times.)

In nursing homes today, when staff members are swamped with tasks such as changing toilets, or feeding and repositioning patients, brushing patients’ teeth often falls to the bottom of the to-do list. As seen in Ford’s father’s case, the neglect of the nursing home to take proper care of the veteran’s dental hygiene led to a personal injury, which caused much pain and suffering.

We trust our Rhode Island and Massachusetts nursing homes to care for our loved ones properly and without abuse or neglect. If you are concerned about the treatment you or a loved one has received in a local nursing home, contact an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer to protect your rights.