Do You Have Delayed Pain Onset After A Car Crash?

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Did you know that some of the most serious personal injuries that I have seen after a car accident are not apparent right away? In today’s blog, I explore what to do if your pain symptoms do not appear right away after a crash, and how you can protect yourself from big insurance companies!

Do I Have A Personal Injury Case If I Did Not Have Immediate Pain? Or If I Told The Insurance Company I was Not Injured? Or If The Police Officer Wrote That I Was Not Injured On The Police Report?


It is not unusual, in fact, it is normal, for a driver involved in a car accident to not experience immediate pain at the crash scene or even for a couple of days or more. And the pain and pain locations can change.

At the scene, you are disoriented and the adrenaline is up. You are worried about loved ones, the police, the other driver, the cars, etc. even if you have pain, you may not feel it.

In the days that follow, you may experience pain but may have a high pain threshold, may not want to be bothered by documenting your pain with a lengthy emergency room visit, etc.

And then, your pain in one body part may mask pain in another body part.

Best RI Lawyer Advice: Do Not Talk To The Insurance Company Or Sign Any Papers!

Did you know that insurance companies treat you much differently if you do not have a personal injury lawyer?

You see big insurance companies are looking out for their financial interests, not yours!

Without a personal injury lawyer, the insurance company has few obligations to treat you fairly and will not. They will try to get you to “give a statement” – a statement where they control the leading questions and where they record the “conversation.” They will also will send you “forms” to complete that in actuality may be releases that can destroy your case!

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Even with delayed pain onset, you very well may have a case and it could be a significant case!  But you need our help and we are here to help!

The sooner you contact us, the faster we can provide advice and get started to protect your legal rights.

After a Rhode Island or Massachusetts accident, you may feel the need to settle your case quickly, but this may not always be the best course of action.

At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we pride ourselves on working fast, collecting evidence, and investigating your claim. Our dedicated team will take away all the stress of a car accident, as well as ensuring you receive maximum compensation for your personal injuries.

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