What to Do With Doctor Bills After an Accident

If you’ve been in a car accident, you may be wondering, “Should I send my doctor bills to my health insurance company?” The answer is yes. Even if the other driver is at fault, the law does not mandate that they pay your ongoing medical bills. If the other person is at fault, they must pay you damages to resolve your lawsuit – these damages often include your medical expenses.

Automobile insurance companies do not pay medical bills to doctors or hospitals. Once the case is settled, the car insurance companies will pay you directly. It is important that your doctor bills in Rhode Island are paid on time so that your credit is not impacted since it could take months – or even years – to resolve your case. So, submitting your doctor bills to your health insurance company is a smart idea.

If you have health insurance, be sure to choose a doctor or specialist who will accept your health insurance. In the case of a neck, back, or other bone related injuries, this is often an orthopedic doctor in Rhode Island. Always call the doctor’s office in advance to make sure they accept your health insurance plan.

Once your case is settled, it is important to understand that many health insurance providers will pursue reimbursement from the proceeds of your settlement. The provider will request the total amount paid for your medical treatment.

Using the proper protocol when paying for healthcare after an accident can make the difference between getting the appropriate compensation or finding yourself in debt. In order to be fully compensated for your medical bills after you’re injured in a car accident, contact Attorney Mike Bottaro and our team at the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC at 401-777-7777.  We can offer you the best care because we understand how the settlement process works and how to properly value your car accident claim.