Featured on the Rhode Show: Ten Dumb Driving Moves

Have you ever witnessed a really dumb action by a surrounding driver? Did it seem as if they had no regard for any other drivers and no awareness of the environment around them? On Thursday, January 30, 2014, Will Gilbert interviewed me on CBS’s The Rhode Show to discuss these “dumb driving moves.”

I began my discussion on WPRI by commenting on the new epidemic of “driving selfies.” Distracted driving has increased since the release of applications such as Snapchat and more people seem to have forgotten the dangers of holding a phone in front of their eyes while driving.

As a Rhode Island personal injury attorney who deals with accidents daily, it really irks me when drivers are too aggressive. Some drivers swerve into an exit lane and speed ahead of traffic, often causing accidents as they merge back into their original lanes. Some drivers tailgate cars that are not speeding, often times during inclement weather. When this happens, I urge drivers to simply switch over lanes and calmly let the dangerous situation subside.

Last week, I wrote a blog on driving without removing snow from the hood of the car. This dangerous move threatens surrounding cars of getting hit by “ice missiles,” the falling snow that shoots off of the roof of the car while accelerating. Connecticut has recently passed a law to enforce cleaning off this snow, following a Rhode Island law that already enforces this.

The Ten “Dumb Driving” Moves:

  1. Taking selfies while driving
  2. Accelerating to beat merging traffic
  3. Using an exit lane to jump ahead
  4. Driving without removing snow from the hood
  5. Stopping in traffic to wave another driver in front of a 2 lane road
  6. Accelerating without looking for pedestrians
  7. Road rage such as tailgating
  8. Driving in the shoulder lane
  9. Rolling through stop signs
  10. Not yielding when entering a rotary

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