Federal Investigation Started in GM Due to Seat Belt Recall of 1.4 Million Vehicles

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In 2014, General Motors recalled 1.4 million vehicles – Chevrolet Traverses, GMC Arcadias, Buick Enclaves, and Saturn Outlooks for a seat belt issue. Recently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has started an investigation regarding the effectiveness of the recall remedy.

There were four complaints about the recall – which was because a risk that the steel cable that connected the front seat belts to the vehicle could be separated, leading to a personal injury if the vehicle were to get into an auto accident.

To fix this issue, General Motor dealers are instructed to examine these cables and make replacements on all of the affected models. As this is being done, the NHTSA is investigating the issue and will be determining the next steps of the 1.4 million vehicles that were affected by this seat belt issue. General Motors are fully cooperating and supporting this investigation.

The Importance of Seat Belts during an Auto Accident

One of the biggest lifesavers during a car accident is your seat belt. Without your seat belt, you could experience a far more severe type of personal injury – or even a fatal injury. In 2018, the use of seat belts was at 89.6%, and saved an estimate of 14,955 lives as well. However, people still do not wear their seat belts – despite the importance. Of the 37,133 people who were killed in motor vehicle accidents in 2017, 47% of those people were not wearing seat belts.

Buckling up before driving away can help you stay safe and secure inside your vehicle. If you are to get into an auto accident, air bags cannot totally protect you; in fact, an air bag can seriously injure you if you are not buckled up.

The lap belt and shoulder belt should be secured across your pelvis and rib cage, which are better able to withstand the extreme forces from crashes than other parts of your body. The shoulder belt should always be in the middle of your chest and away from your neck – and never behind your back or under your arm.

Because these seat belts are designed to save lives, it is always imperative that your vehicle’s seat belts are working properly. Checking recalls online and always getting your car inspected could help you stay safe and avoid serious personal injuries due to a seat belt malfunction.

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