“Fender Benders” Car Accidents In Rhode Island and Massachusetts: What You Need To Know

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As a young lawyer, one of the seemingly smallest cases in the personal injury firm’s office involved a car accident with little visible damage. A few years later, it turned into one of the biggest cases after a jury returned a 7 figure million dollar verdict, finding that our client had suffered a brain injury. Before you think your “fender bender” car accident is of no consequence, I encourage you to read my blog today:

Even “Small” Car Accidents Can Cause Personal Injuries

The story above gave me a lesson that many doctors, lawyers, and judges already know to be true – even minor car accidents can cause personal injuries such as neck, back, shoulder, and yes, brain injuries. If you visit our office, we can point out the literature on this subject that has been studied for years. Bottom line: Do not feel bad or question yourself if you are in pain after a fender bender.

Even “Small” Car Accidents Can Cause Big Damage To Your Vehicle

Many police officers and insurance people belittle or demean people like you who have incurred little or even no visible damage to their car after a crash. The officer may refuse to write a report and the insurance company may try to write you a small check to “buff out” the bumper. Don’t fall for it.

Cars nowadays often show little visible damage to the outside, but inside may have incurred significant damage.

So – What To Do After A Fender Bender Car Accident?

  • In Rhode Island and Massachusetts after a car accident, call the police and insist that the officer write a crash report. Document the crash and any pain with the officer. You may need this later
  • Don’t fall for the auto insurance company’s “politeness” on the phone or “offer” to fix your car or write you a check on the spot. Insist on exercising your right to take your car to a professional, independent auto body shop. Let the body shop witness and document all damage, including on the interior.
  • At the hint of any discomfort or pain, go the hospital. Document your injuries. Some of the most significant injuries such as herniated discs and tears are not immediately noticed. Documenting your pain within 24 hours of the crash will help us later battle the insurance companies who will claim that such injuries could not have come from such a fender bender.

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