First Five Things to do After a Car Accident

At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, our lawyers have years of experience helping auto accident victims get the compensation they deserve after suffering personal injuries. Not all two accidents are alike, but you should always follow these five steps after getting into a car accident:

  1. Get Immediate Medical Treatment
    After the accident occurs, check yourself and anyone in the car with you for personal injuries. If there are any, immediately call 911 to inform them of your injuries and any dangers at the scene. If it was a major car accident, let the dispatcher know of any suspected fatalities or more serious personal injuries as well. If you are injured, never refuse medical treatment at the scene. You might be filled with adrenaline, but listen to the emergency responders and go the hospital to treat your personal injuries.
  2. Get an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer
    Before you try to tackle on the insurance companies on your own, think about how a personal injury attorney could help you receive compensation for your pain and suffering. Personal injury lawyers and their legal team will take on all the work for you so you can focus on the most important thing – feeling better. We will get your medical records and bills, gathering expert witnesses, and recovering your lost wages are only some of the things an attorney can do for you. Most importantly, they will handle the insurance companies and get you the best settlement possible.
  3. Follow Doctors’ Orders and Attend All Appointments
    After getting initial treatment at a hospital or urgent care, your doctor will suggest continuing further treatment with a physical therapist or chiropractor, depending on the type of personal injury you are suffering. These appointments will not only help you feel better after an accident, but will help your case as well.
  4. Don’t Post Anything About Your Case Online
    Insurance companies can be sneaky. You should refrain from referring to any details about your case on Facebook, Instagram, or in any other social media form. After your accident, you should be careful about what you post in general and assume that anything you post could be monitored by the insurance company.
  5. Have Your Vehicle Appraised by an Independent Auto Body Shop
    Our best advice is for the vehicle owner to hire an independent auto body shop to help. You as the vehicle owner have the right to hire whichever body shop you want to use – which is one of the best ways to avoid the auto insurer and their shops.

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