Forced Arbitration Agreements for Nursing Home Residents

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More and more nursing homes are getting residents to sign arbitration agreements when they are admitted, forcing them (and their families and heirs) to waive their constitutional rights to a jury trial on claims against the nursing home for medical malpractice, wrongful death, and negligence.

States are increasingly recognizing the unfairness of these agreements and the one-sided circumstances under which they are signed.  Residents may be incapacitated physically and/or mentally when admitted and asked to sign these agreements. Some arrive by ambulance from a hospital; others are taken to the only nearby facility that has a bed, or that their insurance will cover, or that their families can afford. Many residents do not have a meaningful choice on a facility and feel pressured to sign in order to remain there.

Most residents and their representatives also do not understand the legal ramifications of signing such an agreement, especially without having a nursing home abuse lawyer review it before signing. Many residents are not given time to have a lawyer review these agreements. And the vast majority of residents cannot afford to pay a lawyer to review the agreement and explain its terms. The disparity in bargaining positions of an elderly or sick resident versus a corporate nursing home are stark.

This NPR article discusses recent attempts by the federal government to pass federal regulations limiting the use of arbitration agreements in a nursing home setting.

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