Getting Compensatory Damages for Your Injury

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How can your personal injury lawyer get you the best settlement after a car accident? In my years of experience, preparation and knowledge are key. Today, I am blogging about a part of your monetary settlement known as “compensatory damages.”

Different Types of Monetary Damages After A Car Accident

As the plaintiff or claimant, we must establish our case to win. When we establish fault causing you harm, we can request monetary damages.

“Compensatory damages” is a general term that encompasses different categories of harm you have suffered and attempting to put a value on same.

For example, if you were in an auto accident and have uncompensated property damage – the cost of repairs and the value of your vehicle could be a compensatory damage.

Almost all the time, there are two types of compensatory damages a personal injury lawsuit would have:

  1. Actual damages: medical and hospital bills, medical treatments (physical therapy, chiropractor, etc.), ambulance expenses, or nursing home care
  2. General damages: mental anguish, permanent impairment, disfigurement, future medical costs, pain and suffering, or future lost wages.

Many courts will consider all different types of compensatory damages. If you experienced a personal injury and now have nightmares, anxiety, or symptoms of PTSD from the injury – you could receive compensation for emotional distress.

The Best Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyers Know How To Get Damages Calculated!

What I have seen in Court over the years might surprise you!  Many lawyers overlook their own clients’ monetary interests. They take the first offer; they don’t take the time to discuss damages with their client; in short, they are not prepared… and so, their client suffers!

Not at my firm.  At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we look out for you, our client. The millions of dollars we recover each year for our clients is due to the great client communication, lawyer preparation, and fight that our team exhibits!

We will sit down with you and review your situation, getting to know you and your case. Its what we do, so that we can then get back to the office and work up the numbers to get you the highest dollar settlement possible. Due to our track record of success, we know the right experts in various fields of medicine and economy that can help prove your monetary compensatory damages.

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