Have a Happy (and Safe) 4th of July – From Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Have a Happy (and Safe) 4th of July – From Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Happy Fourth of July!

Here at the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we join you in celebrating our freedom this week!

Fourth of July is a great time to be patriotic and celebrate with friends and family – but it’s also a time when we see many personal injuries from car accidents throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

We Handle Drunk Driving Personal Injury Car Accident Cases – Be Careful!

We recently wrote about a top Rhode Island car accident case involving drunk driving – which can be read here.

Speaking from experience, the defendants in our personal injury cases seldom act with malice or a desire to hurt others. Yet, driving impaired can be a considered an intentional act in personal injury law. If you are a victim of a drunk driving car accident and have suffered injury, you have important legal rights.  Such a defendant places himself in a dangerous position, exposing himself to a costly lawsuit.

As we have seen throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts communities, drunk driving accident could even result in a wrongful death, which is a death caused in a result to another person’s negligence.

The blood alcohol content chart calculates “buzzed” as 0.06-0.10% – making it illegal for that person to drive and increasing the risk of an auto accident.

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