Heroic Dad Receives Six Figure Settlement

Have you heard of a real life hero? This is personal injury attorney Mike Bottaro and today I’m sharing the case of the hero dad.

My client, Scott, has two small children. He was walking them in their stroller across downtown Providence in a cross walk. Suddenly, a driver came around the corner not seeing them. Thinking quickly, Scott pushed the stroller ahead so that the car missed his children. In true hero fashion, Scott took the force of the collision, which slammed him across the intersection into a second car. The impact caused Scott to suffer a serious open wound and complex fracture requiring emergency surgery. His children, amazingly, escaped without serious injury.

I had the honor of representing Scott and getting to know his family. Ultimately, with the help of our amazing law firm, we were able to secure a six figure settlement for Scott and his family. This money allowed him to pay off his medical expenses and get his life back on track. It is truly gratifying to represent the injured.

If you or someone you know have been injured in Rhode Island, call or text me 24/7. I’d love to help you as we were able to help Scott.