High Chair Recall: Due to Risk of Falls and Personal Injuries

skip hop tuo high chair recall

When you are a parent, your child is one of the most important things in the world. Protecting them and making sure they are safe is one of the highest priorities as well. Recently, Skip Hop is recalling more than 32,000 high chairs due to fall and personal injury hazards.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the legs on the Tuo convertible high chairs can detach from the seat. These high chairs were sold at several retailers, including Kohls and Target.

High-Chairs – Dangerous Products?

This Skip Hop high chair isn’t the first chair to be recalled. In March of 2018, Graco’s Table2Table high chair was recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission due to the chair’s rear legs pivoting out of position, making the chair unstable and posing a threat and fall hazard to a child in the chair.

As a parent, I want to always make sure my children are as safe as possible at all times. Knowing about these safety recalls is extremely important – but if a product was not recalled and your child or young relative was hurt from a malfunction, you would be able to file a claim with us.

Companies are supposed to test products for safety and functionality before shipping them to retailer, but sometimes manufacturers may fail to take these steps. In result – products will become unsafe and can lead to serious personal injuries.

In a product liability lawsuit, a personal injury attorney can file a claim against a manufacturing company or seller for product negligence. This occurs when a manufacturer was negligent in designing, producing, or selling the product – and thus caused the product to be defective and/or dangerous.

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