Bottaro Nabs $480,000.00 Warwick Trip And Fall Personal Injury Settlement For Housekeeper

We love our clients.  There are so many tragic stories that we hear and it is our honor and privilege to help tell your stories and achieve justice.  Several years ago, a special woman named Donna called us in tearful pain.  It turns out that she had recently started a new job at Crowne Plaza and had shattered her shoulder on the job. Due to the trip and fall accident, she was out of work and needed major surgery.  Investigators and bill collectors were calling.  Could we help?  

Trip and Fall

Donna and Attorney Mike Bottaro After Her RI Settlement

I met with Donna and learned that there were rumors that Crowne Plaza had hired a plumbing company on the date of her injury to work on site.  She believed that when she came out of an elevator with another housekeeper, plumbing equipment was left in front of the door, causing her to trip and fall.  But the hotel was not cooperating.

In these circumstances, we were able to help ensure that Donna started to receive workers compensation benefits.  However, these benefits are limited.  But if these rumors were true, we could pursue a lawsuit against the outside company for their carelessness.

Warwick RI Case Settles After Shoulder Fractures Suffered

Nearly four years later, following years of hard work, diligence, and excellent investigation from our team, we confirmed that indeed, a careless plumber left a mechanical snake outside the elevator, resulting in severe personal injuries. 

Trip and Fall

Donna after shoulder surgery

As we got into the case, we worked with expert medical experts who opined that the pain after surgeries from her shattered shoulder fractures was likely permanent.  

Our investigators did an outstanding job of gathering evidence.  In fact, after one plumber was less than truthful about his placement of the equipment, we took photos and measurements that were critical to winning the case!

Donna’s settlement was enough to cover medical expenses and help with her lost wages.  Also, she needed dependable wheels and had always dreamt of a black sports car.  

Through the tears and pain, it is an honor to help Donna’s dreams come true.

Trip and Fall

Donna’s new sports car after the personal injury settlement.








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