How Can A Lawyer Help Win My Car Accident Case?

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Take it from someone who knows the insurance business, if you are injured in a car accident, you absolutely should consult with a reputable personal injury law firm. Here, I am going to take a deep dive why it is so important for you to seek our help.

Why Should I Hire an Attorney after a Car Accident?

You need the best Rhode Island and Massachusetts personal injury lawyer after a car accident, because all insurance companies are against you. That’s right – your auto insurance, the other driver’s auto insurance, your health insurance, and many other entities such as medical billing companies are all looking out for themselves – not you!

When you call me, The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC handles everything so you concentrate on your health and recovery. I, and everyone on our team, are dedicated to helping you – looking out for your interests!

Our personal injury law firm has been recognized with top awards for our honesty, integrity, communication, and results. While a lot of the specifics will depends on the complexity of your case, a personal injury attorney can help you by:

  • Communicating with the other driver’s insurer – your lawyer will cease all communication between you and the defendant’s insurance company, leaving you to focus on getting better.
  • Obtaining necessary evidence – a good personal injury attorney can help obtain evidence that will prove liability and strengthen your case. From scene photos to taking witness statements, your lawyer will leave no detail out when proving your case liable.
  • Estimate accident-related expenses – your attorney will be able to help you access all expenses, including likely future medical costs. By consulting your doctors and other medical professionals, your lawyer will be able to come up with an estimate of future costs based on your personal injuries. In extreme cases, your attorney will be able to even predict costs of future surgeries, treatments, and other rehabilitation services.
  • Deal with hospitals or debt collectors – you should hire an attorney so you can focus on feeling better and not deal with the hassle of medical bills. Your attorney can deal directly with the hospital, medical professionals, or debt collectors trying to harass you about medical bills. They will inform the companies of your pending claim to quiet them.
  • Negotiating with the insurance companies – negotiation is a specific skill that good personal injury lawyers are extremely trained in. They understand the laws pertaining to auto accidents and have years of experience dealing with these companies. Without a lawyer, you will be at a disadvantage when it comes to negotiating with the insurance companies. A lawyer knows how much a case is worth and will know what to say to get the maximum settlement amount from an insurance company.
  • Being Trial Ready – our top reputation and willingness to go to Court is another factor that sets us apart. The insurers will pay you more because they know we fight for you.
  • Bringing you a great settlement – at the end of the day, we work fast to make it easy for you to get a great settlement on your case and help you get better!

When Should I Contact an Attorney after a Car Accident?

The answer is immediately. Now.

The reasons are many. Let’s start with the obvious: You don’t know what you don’t know. When there is a problem with my car, I take it to my auto mechanic because I trust that he knows how to fix the problem.  When you suffer a personal injury after a car accident, you call the best car accident lawyer available, because we know how to “fix” your problems, namely many of the legal problems that you do not even know that you have yet!

For example, there is important evidence to gather and preserve. The failure to do so will weaken your case even when you are not at fault for the crash.

Further, there are numerous forms and letters that should be written and completed in the days after a crash. Why? To ensure you do not miss deadlines and to ensure that your bills and treatment goes smoothly.

Also, there are various time limits depending on the case and whether the car accident personal injury claim occurred in Rhode Island or Massachusetts or another state.

While you may be reading about this three year deadline and think you have time to think about filing a claim – it would be a mistake on your case. Your attorney will be able to handle everything for your case, and ensure that all of the deadlines are complied with.

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