How Do I Get The Best Slip and Fall Lawyer?

Did you know that if you suffer injuries from a slip and fall, trip, and fall, or other incident on someone’s property, you need the best slip and fall lawyer out there? In today’s blog, I am going to give out a few secrets to selecting the best personal injury lawyer for your Rhode Island or Massachusetts slip and fall case!

3 Tips To Getting The Best RI Mass. Slip And Fall Lawyer

If you suffered a slip and fall, it is nothing to be embarrassed about and nothing to laugh about. Each year more than 8 million people visit emergency rooms due to fall personal injuries. And, our personal injury lawyers at the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC know, having practiced RI and MA personal injury law for combined decades of experience, that you may be entitled to compensation. But beware! These are tough cases and the property owners have big insurance companies that do not settle these cases easy!

1. Get A Real Law Firm That Focuses On You, The Injured!

Slip and fall case sin RI and Mass. Where we practice law do not settle easy. Often, the insurance company will look at the lawyer or firm on the case when deciding whether or not to settle – and for how much! The insurance companies know whether the lawyer you hire is a tiny solo lawyer, a busy firm that are “generalists” – meaning they practice in many areas of the law (which typically means they do not do any one area with excellence), or whether your lawyer even knows anything about personal injury law!

You need a law firm, not a solo lawyer. You need a personal injury law firm, not a general law firm. You need a personal injury law firm that knows the tricks and knows how to win!

2. Get A Law Firm With A Track Record For Caring About You And Winning Big On Personal Injury Cases!

Here is a secret – many so-called “personal injury law firms” are either not local to Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts, or they simply do not take the time and effort to personally get to know you and your case.

Before you hire a personal injury law firm, find out whether their “big name lawyer” actually practices law, meaning goes to court and even trial. Find out whether that lawyer is involved in the firm. Does the firm have authentic, 5 star reviews? The highest awards and rankings from independent legal ratings services (especially Martindale Hubbel and

You do not want your case getting lost in the shuffle!

3. Get A Law Firm With 24/7 Service Who The Big Insurance Co. Knows Will Fight For You!

The insurance company who decides whether to pay you and how much keeps track of your lawyer. The best Rhode Island Mass personal injury law firm keeps track of you, our client, and your case!

When you have a slip and fall personal injury, you need a law firm that will jump at responding to you 24/7 legendary service. You need a law firm that goes to bat for you while you are injured, helping with forms, claims calls, and investigating and spending money on your case!

Remember, your slip and fall injury could be the result of someone else’s negligence. And that negligence can result in a monetary settlement for you down the road…. If you hire the best slip and fall personal injury law firm! Are you ready to call or text us, 24/7 (401) 777 – 7777.  Let us get right on your case!

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