How Do I Handle Medical Expenses After A Personal Injury?

medical expenses

Who pays my medical bills after a car accident or personal injury? Believe it or not, the answer is not as clear as you might think. This topic is also one of the biggest reasons why you need our help after a RI or Massachusetts car accident or other personal injury.

Why Do I Need A Personal Injury Lawyer To Help Ensure My Medical Bills Are Paid?

You need a top rated car personal injury lawyer to help navigate through the complex world of medical bills after a car accident or personal injury.

We offer 24/7 help and no fee unless and until we win your case. Without our help, you may very likely experience the frustration of dealing with bill collectors, unpaid bills, or more money taken from your settlement than is necessary.

Why Hire an Attorney to Handle my Medical Bills?

At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we know secrets about medical billing that the bill collectors and insurance companies will not tell you.  Why pay more than you need to? Why deal with these frustrating voice mail mazes, low level customer service reps, and the like?

Giving you advice, dealing with bill collectors, and doing your will is all part of our legal representation. We have the exclusive “No Fee Guarantee” here in RI and Mass. You only pay us when we win – there are no extra fees or hidden costs.

We do it all for you as part of being your lawyer, so you can concentrate on getting better… and ensure that the bills get paid the way that you would like!

Who Pays My Medical Bills After A Car Accident?

The term “coordination of benefits” refers to who is responsible for paying your medical expenses. There may be a required “order” as to which health or auto insurer pays your bills and also, subject to the co-pays and deductibles that apply to your specific plan. In addition, you may have required or optional benefits through your auto insurance.

The simple answer as to who pays your medical expenses after a personal injury is that “it depends.” The location where the injury occurred, the type of legal case you have, and the types of insurance you have all play a role in answering this important question.

Without knowing what to say and what not to say in any given situation, you run the risk of not having your bills paid, your bills going to collection, and/or, more money coming out of your settlement (and thus, out of your pocket) for bills.

We have a combined decades of experience in Rhode Island and Massachusetts personal injury law, with knowledge about these local bill providers and how to maximize your settlement!

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