How Do I Prove Nursing Home Abuse In Rhode Island?

If your loved one has suffered abuse in a Rhode Island nursing home that led to a serious personal injury or death, you may have important legal rights.  At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we are passionate about standing up for elder’s rights.  I have personally handled many of these tragic cases, and my own mother-in-law resides in a Rhode Island nursing home as I write this.  I am familiar with the area’s nursing facilities and our firm provides a free, confidential case review of your situation 24/7.

Protecting your elderly loved ones living in Rhode Island nursing homes in a top priority for Bottaro Injury Lawyers.

So, how do you prove a nursing home personal injury or wrongful death case in Rhode Island? To start with, you should understand that these cases typically take years of litigation and thousands of dollars to pursue.  While we advance these costs for you, litigating can be stressful on a family.  Our experienced legal team attempts to limit your litigation time as we navigate your nursing home malpractice claim.

Do I need to hire an expert witness before filing a nursing home abuse lawsuit?

Yes.  Rhode Island requires that before a lawsuit can be filed, you must hire the appropriate expert witness who avers that the care provided in the nursing home setting “deviated from the standard of care.”  The exact type of expert that must provide such opinion depends on the specific fact situation.  Our legal team know what to look for and how to consult with the correct type of expert witness with credible qualifications to speak about your case.

This means that it is not sufficient to say your provider wronged you under their care.  Instead, you need to establish that your provider did — or failed to — do something that other providers in the same situation would have — or have not — done.  Expert testimony is required to establish that your provider “proximately caused” the injury.

How many expert witnesses will I need to win the nursing home abuse case?

In Rhode Island, there is no required number of expert witnesses, per se.  Rather, each case is unique in determining what we need to establish the standard of care, deviation from the standard of care, or proximate cause to injury. Our team here at  Bottaro Injury Lawyers are passionate about working with consulting experts.  Check out our nursing home injury litigation success stories and chat with us now about your injuries.

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