How Do I Sue The City For My Slip And Fall?

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Did you know that if you want to make a personal injury claim against a Rhode Island town or city entity, you must provide special written notice within days of your injury? In today’s blog, I will review that process in the context of a $69,000.00 arbitration award that I recently obtained against such an entity.

Best RI Slip and Fall Lawyer Advice: No Notice To Town, No Case!

You likely do not know that Rhode Island state law requires special written notice within days of injury in order to try to sue a city or town, including city or town entities. If you fail to provide this notice – in a very specific form – you risk losing your case outright, regardless of your injuries or how terrible the fault is on the town!

If you miss the deadline, or fill out the notice the wrong way, you will lose and be prevented form recovering any money!  So, please, if you think you have a case against a RI town/city, text or call me right away after your injury! The call is completely free and confidential and we can assess whether you have a case.

How Much Is My Slip And Fall Case Worth? How Much Is My Ankle Injury Case Worth?

Our client was walking outside her apartment with her fiancé in Woonsocket when she slipped and fell on ice, ultimately requiring an ankle surgery.

She texted us within days of the slip and fall injury at 401-777-7777 – lucky for her – because she did not realize that if she had waited much longer, she would have been prevented from making a legal case that later grossed a $69,000.00 settlement! That is, our client had no idea that her apartment complex was considered to fall under this law as a town owned entity.

The value of your personal injury case depends on many factors and is case specific.

In any slip and fall case, you must prove fault – and to do this properly, you need a great, the best slip and fall lawyer! I am not kidding this is surprisingly tricky!

City lawyers are smart and know how to try to beat you!  In this case, the lawyer tried her best to argue that our client had used the same slippery walkway earlier in the day and therefore, if it was icy, should have known that and avoided her injury. But –we were able to garner testimony that she had used a different walkway earlier in the day!  We also needed to use the correct certified weather reports to prove it was not snowing at the time of the slip and fall – another factor that could ruin your case!

Next, you need to prove your injuries and that they were caused by this slip and fall. In this case, I hired an expert witness surgeon, amongst other techniques, to help fight the city entity and win the case at arbitration!

All these factors helped us obtain our client some justice. We can’t always prevent slip and falls, but we can help get our clients the settlement they deserve. If you have been involved in a slip and fall with permanent injuries, call me today at (401)777-7777.With our no fee guarantee, it costs you nothing unless and until the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC wins!

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