How Do I Understand My Rhode Island Auto Insurance Policy?

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Do your eyes glaze over when trying to read the fine print in an insurance policy? Have you ever been confused by the language in your car insurance? As a Rhode Island personal injury lawyer, let me try to help you understand a basic, but important term, especially if you have been in a Rhode Island car accident.

What Is “Full Coverage” On My RI Car insurance?

After a car accident, you will need to look at that fine print in your Rhode Island car insurance. The starting point is your “declarations page” also known as your “dec page” for short.

Your declarations page summarizes the coverage that you bought form the car insurance company. Because your insurance policy is a contract, what you bought is what you get!

There are some important types of coverage available to you.  For example, bodily injury coverage pertains to injuries and coverage after a crash; while property damage refers to the vehicle and component damage (such as a child seat).

Why Does My Car Coverage Matter After A Car Accident?

Simply put — The facts of the car accident, combined with the coverage limits of each car involved in the crash determines what is covered and for how much money.

For example, if you crashed your car into a tree and wanted to have your car repaired, you would look at your dec page to determine whether you purchased “collision coverage.” Collision coverage requires your auto insurance company to pay for the reasonable repair cost, subject to your deductible.

If you are in a car accident and did not purchase collision coverage, than you are out of luck and will need to pay out of pocket, unless another vehicle is at fault and carried insurance coverage.

In today’s blog, I am simply covering a couple of basic points that come up in our Rhode Island and Massachusetts personal injury law firm.

Please know that these insurance companies are not your friends – they are looking to pay you nothing or very little.

Therefore, if you suffered a personal injury in a car accident, call or text me (401-777-777) 24/7 for a free consultation. My firm and I are passionate about standing up to these big auto insurance companies!

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