How Do Personal Injury Claims Work? Best RI Lawyer Practice Pointers

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At rhe Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, my team and I handle Rhode Island and Massachusetts personal injury cases. But what is “personal injury” and how do these claims work? Let’s take a look!

What does “personal injury” mean?

The term refers to harm to one’s physical body and/or emotional, mental well being. This area of law is unique in that it provides monetary compensation for such harm. It is generally separate form damage or a wrongdoing to “property.” Although in a car accident personal injury, one may bring legal claims for both personal injury as well as property damage to the car.

What does a “personal injury” claim or lawsuit involve?

The term personal injury is sometimes used as a general, catch all phrase that actually could refer to a number of different types of legal claims. Additionally, as to such claims, the laws and regulations may differ greatly depending on where the injury occurred and/or the “jurisdiction” of the claim.

For example, at our personal injury law firm, we handle several different types of personal injury claims. The most common manner in which one suffers a personal injury is in a car accident. Other examples of personal injury claims include premises liability (slip and fall), medical malpractice, and nursing home negligence.

You should also understand that there is a difference between a “claim” and a “lawsuit.” Insurance companies who provide coverage for personal injuries use the term “claim” anytime someone contacts them to report such an injury. On the other hand, a lawsuit refers to an actual pending action in a court of law, commenced by the filing of a complaint.

While a claim to an insurance company may be a general report of a personal injury, the filing of a lawsuit entails specific legal claims that must be satisfied by the claimant, in Rhode Island and Massachusetts known as the plaintiff.

When you suffer a personal injury, you really do need to hire an experienced personal injury law firm. The process of pursuing a personal injury claim involves understanding the relevant law, investigating the facts, and applying those facts to the law to satisfy this burden of proof. Whether you are making a claim or filing a lawsuit, the large insurance companies that provide monetary compensation for your personal injury will generally not compensate you fairly or efficiently without a great, top rated personal injury lawyer.

Personal injury claims and lawsuits therefore do take some amount of time and involve a process. At our injury firm, we always provide 24/7 service convenient to you so that you get a free confidential consultation to discuss the specific facts of your personal injury claim

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