How is Medical Malpractice Proven in Rhode Island?


If you suspect that a Rhode Island medical provider has committed medical malpractice, this introductory blog will provide you with an overview on the civil legal process. These are complicated cases, and so I urge you to contact me 24/7 for a more in depth, free, confidential consultation.

Common Types Of  Medical Malpractice Case in Rhode Island

Below are some common types of medical malpractice that may lead towards a Rhode Island medical negligence lawsuit. Note that there are many other circumstances that can result in a case as well, so talk to me about your specific situation.

  • Surgical mistakes
  • Prescription errors
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, or failure to diagnose

Expert Testimony Required

In Rhode Island, the injured party (plaintiff) bears the burden of establishing that a medical provider’s conduct fell below the applicable “standard of care.”

This means that proving your case means much more than simply showing a bad result. You actually need to establish that this provider did, or did not, do something that other similar providers in the same situation would have done (or not done).

To bring a medical malpractice in Rhode Island requires that you hire medical experts to establish this level of proof. You realistically cannot do this without an experienced legal team on your side. In most cases, we actually need to consider hiring numerous experts to win your case. This takes time and money. You need an experienced legal team on your side for this fight.

Permanent, Life Changing Injury

Because these cases require expert testimony and typically take years to resolve through the court system, realistically the plaintiff should be prepared to establish a permanent life changing personal injury including death, loss of limb, and the like. These cases are too expensive and hotly contested to proceed on minor injuries or slights.

It takes time to evaluate the case and consider moving forward, so do not delay if you seek to investigate whether you may have a claim.

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