How Long Can I Wait Before Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

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Did you know in Rhode Island and Massachusetts there are certain time constraints to filing a personal injury lawsuit? This personal injury attorney Mike Bottaro, and in today’s blog I want you to know this general point and how missing them can destroy your claim.

What Are The Time Deadlines (Statute of Limitations) For Filing Personal Injury Cases In Rhode Island and Massachusetts?

Disclaimer: This blog is a very general article on these important time deadlines. You need to know that depending on the specific facts of your claim, what I am about to write may be different. You should always consult with an experienced personal injury law firm (us!) for a free case review.

So the general laws in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts, is that you have 3 years after the date of the incident the statute of limitations to file a personal injury lawsuit.

However, there are special laws and exceptions in so many situations such as whether one is a minor, whether the claim is against a town or city, whether it is a medical negligence or other type of case, etc. etc.

What Happens If I Miss A Time Deadline On My Personal Injury Case?

The main point of today’s blog is that these time deadlines (and others) may operate to complete destroy your legal right to otherwise collect monetary compensation or otherwise if you miss a deadline!

Also, you need to be prepared and should have a lawyer retained in advance of whatever deadlines may apply to your situation! Waiting last minute is a recipe for disaster.

Do not listen to the insurance companies or others! Despite what some insurance tag lines might claim, they aren’t actually on your side. Remember, insurance companies are in the business of making money.

The longer you wait to retain a lawyer, the least likely you are to receive fair compensation for your personal injuries and you risk missing a deadline.

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