How Long Does it Take to Settle a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Attorney Mike Bottaro sitting with a client filling out paperwork.

Mike Bottaro in a meeting with a client after achieving a great settlement for her

“How long does it take to settle a case?” is a common question from our personal injury clients throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  At Bottaro Law, we take pride in standing up for the rights of the injured in our community, fighting hard to get great legal settlements, and providing helpful information and service while doing it.  So let’s dig into this topic by splitting it into two related questions:

How To Get A Great Personal Injury Settlement?

In order to get your settlement check, you first need to finalize a settlement for your personal injury case. Whether your case stems from a car accident, slip and fall, or other personal injuries, this means that you need to hire the best personal injury law firm.  

The best personal injury firms in our Rhode Island and Massachusetts communities are local, limit their practice to only handling plaintiff personal injury cases, are not too big or too small, and have a track record of success.

At our law firm, we are passionate about being great at one thing – personal injury law. And in doing so, we love our clients and seek to update and educate them at all times throughout their cases.

The decision to settle your personal injury case is yours and yours alone.  Our job is to explain the process, your legal rights, and answer questions all while investigating and pursuing your case.

When we get to the point of settling your case, it should be after we are all on the same page in our investigation, your injuries and damages, as well as other factors.  With great communication and execution along the way, we can help get you a great settlement!

Rhode Island Lawyer: How Long Does It Take To Get My Settlement Money Check?

Next, when we have reached a settlement in principle, we must prepare and execute the settlement papers.  During this process, communication continues to be important in determining what expenses, liens, and bills need to be paid from the settlement.  

The best personal injury lawyers understand that to settle your case, we must finalize a detailed settlement sheet, itemizing the settlement money coming in and going out, as well as the appropriate settlement agreement(s) with the applicable defendants, insurance companies, and others as relevant to your personal injury case. There are sometimes differences between state laws as well to consider depending on the interplay in our jurisdictions of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  

Once we have finalized and executed the settlement papers with you, you are on the final steps to obtaining your personal injury settlement check!

The next task that must occur is for the payor to issue the settlement check and for the money to clear our bank. Typically, in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, you will have your net settlement proceeds within about thirty (30) days from signing the settlement papers.  Please understand that at times, there are delays or errors made by the insurance company that could delay matters, or conversely, sometimes the funds are ready to disburse to you sooner!

I do hope that you have found this blog helpful and educational.  Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime for questions about your personal injury settlement!

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