Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyer: 3 Factors To Answer How Much Is My Case Worth?

“How Much Is My Case Worth?”  This is a question that personal injury lawyers at our firm are commonly asked.  This is a good question since you are hiring us to recover money for you.  Before we look at this question today, I also want to say that we are also honored to help you with many other tasks on your case along the way such as rental cars, completing forms, dealing with phone calls, and getting to know you and help provide other advice to ensure that you recover after a personal injury.

Our website offers additional information and blogs on case value and you can also view our case results as well.

The biggest point to make here is that your case is specific and unique to you! You need a free case review that we offer right now, 24/7. Only by looking at your specific personal injury case can we start to answer the question of “How much is my personal injury case worth?” whether it is a car accident, slip and fall, or other types of injury.

Case Worth

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1. What Happened To Cause You Personal Injuries?

The mechanism of injury (how you were injured) and whether there are any aggravating factors by the negligent party can add monetary value to your case.  For example, if you are injured by a drunk driver, your case may be more valuable.


2. How Badly Are You Injured? And Are These Injuries Well Documented In Your Medical Records?

In general, the worse one is injured, the more their case is worth.  This makes sense, right?  But we need the evidence to prove the extent and severity of your injuries.  It is not enough to give oral testimony.  Being a great patient and communicating your injuries to your doctors to ensure it is documented and diagnosed is important. At Bottaro Law, we can help you understand what this means.


3. What Are My Medical Expenses And Lost Wages?

Personal injury law allows recovery for medical expenses and lost wages.  Emergency room treatment, surgical fees, physical therapy, prescription medications, all of these expenses add up. And being unable to work can drastically affect your life. At my law firm, we fight to get you full, top dollar.

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