How Should I Handle Facebook And Social Media During My Legal Personal Injury Claim?


Should I be posting to social media after a car accident or personal injury? This is a question that I receive a lot and for which we advise our clients here in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

In short, social media posts can at worst hurt your case and at best, not help your case. So, as your personal injury lawyer, please do not post anything about your case!

Why? Because it can be used against you. It is admissible evidence.

And your social media and web presence is the first thing the insurance company and their lawyers search when they see your name on a personal injury claim!

Posting about the car accident and how you are “ok”?  If you are “ok,” than why would a jury award you compensation for pain and suffering?

Claiming that the scarring on your leg is embarrassing and keeps you from wearing a bathing suit? Then, do not post photos of you wearing a bathing suit!

And so on… in short, there are lots of ways an insurance company can use your posts against you.  Social media is great, but privacy during your personal injury case is what we aim for as your legal team. We here at the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC are collecting evidence to prove your personal injuries, but so are the insurance companies – to prove that you are feeling better than you seem.

If you post, ensure every account is private. But this still does not protect you from a subpoena or litigation request – Courts will Order you to produce your posts.

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