How Should I Prepare To Meet With A Personal Injury Lawyer?

how should i prepare to meet with a personal injury lawyer?

Nobody plans to get into an accident and need a personal injury lawyer!  Having practiced Rhode Island and Massachusetts personal injury law for some time, I can tell you that personal injuries can happen to anyone, at anytime. So at our firm, we offer 24/7 free confidential consultations if you believe you have a case.

What Will Happen During Our Free Consultation?

We understand that contacting a personal injury lawyer can be stressful. You may be physically injured and suffering anxiety as well after a car accident or other personal injury. Many of us, myself included, have suffered our own injuries and emphasize with you.

And so as a premier personal injury law firm serving Rhode Island and Massachusetts, we pride ourselves on making ourselves available to you.

You can text or call us (401-777-7777) anytime or complete a web form. Whatever manner you are most comfortable with, and whatever time is convenient, we will try to accommodate you.

When we connect, we will naturally ask you questions! That is what a good law firm does – try to gather the relevant information needed to assess your situation.

Please know that we are not trying to pry, but rather, try to help you. Often, our clients simply do not understand the legal process or may have expectations as to what should occur.

Our job is to gather information and then try to assess the feasibility of pursuing your case! We will need a narrative of what happened. Medical records, police reports, and other documents may be inquired about.

Although here at the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we cannot take every case, we will try to promptly gather the facts, review same, and then get back to you as promptly as possible.

Hiring The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC: Our Difference To Winning Your Personal Injury Case!

When we take on your case, we look forward to meeting you in whatever fashion you are most comfortable with and as soon as possible! We utilize technology to ensure we can easily meet via video and we can also obtain electronic signatures.

After an accident, there are important tasks to get done right away to get on track to winning your case. Once we complete our initial onboarding process, we will get right to work for you!

It’s Good to Know Mike Bottaro – 24/7 Top Rated Personal Injury Legal Help

At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we handle all types of personal injury cases such as car crashes every day. Honesty. Integrity. Results. Our experienced legal team is here to fight for your rights. Contact us in any method you prefer 24/7 for a fast, free, and confidential consultation about your case. Text or call: 401-777-7777 or fill out our free and confidential online form.