How To Get The Best Dog Bite Lawyer In Rhode Island and Massachusetts? 3 Tips! Questions Answered

While we love our dogs, dog bites can result in serious personal injuries.   And now that it is warming up in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, we like to take our pooches outside.  Although we know how our own dogs behave, we cannot know or predict how others manage and train theirs.  With decades of combined dog bite law experience, our dog bite lawyers know how to help you if you have suffered personal injuries in a dog bite.  To achieve justice and help with your recovery and bills, you need to hire the best dog bite lawyer in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  Here are 3 tips:

woman walking dog on leash on path

People, including myself, love spending time with their dogs during the nice-weather months. Unfortunately, dog bite lawyers are more often needed in these months.

How Do I File a Dog Bite Claim? Make Sure To Hire The Law Firm With The Caring Experience To Win.

After you are treated for your injuries, you need to lawyer up.  This is because in order to win a money settlement that will help pay for medical bills, lost wages, scarring, vet bills, and other categories of damages, you will be up against large insurance companies.  These companies do not care about you, will not tell you all your legal rights, and will not easily provide you with any money, let alone the maximum amount.  So how do you lawyer up?  Find a local law firm that actually cares, that limits its practice to personal injury, and that has the experiences and resources to fight for your rights.  Do you think a big insurance company is going to pay you if you are by yourself? Or if you hire a local, unknown lawyer with few employees? Or a large national firm with no ties to Southern New England?  Not likely!  Instead, our dog bite attorneys at Bottaro Injury Lawyers are local, large, and offer 24/7 free case review.  We make it easy for you, because in our experience we know this is a traumatic event and that you need our immediate attention and caring help.  Don’t delay, we need to get on top of investigating and proving your case today!

How Do I Help My Dog Bite Lawyers Win The Case? Gather The Evidence.

Once you contact us, we all need to meet and jump on investigating your case.  Recovering money damages in dog bite cases isn’t a cut-and-dry process.  Every state’s dog bite laws are different.  For example, Massachusetts dog bit laws for personal injury victims always abide by a “strict liability” standard.  Whereas in Rhode Island, victims can recover on the basis of “strict liability” only in limited circumstances sometimes referred to as the “one bite rule.”  Otherwise, we will need to establish a negligence legal standard.  Either way, Bottaro Injury Lawyers has experience dealing with these cases and we are passionate about working with you to gather the evidence necessary to win you a great settlement!

Beware of dog sign posted on wooden fence call lawyer if seen

Call a skilled dog bite lawyer now to address the facts in your case, including any “beware of dog” signs present.

When Can I Win A Settlement For A Dog Attack? Know The Law And Facts.

As experienced dog attack personal injury lawyers, we know that there are a variety of situations when you are entitled to a settlement.  For example, you may have a case even when a dog does not actually bite you.  I have personally represented Rhode Island clients where a dog chased them, causing them to fall and injure themselves.  And a personal injury victim who successfully litigates their dog bite claim can expect to recover various money damages, such as compensatory and emotional damages.  The value of your claim will depend on the circumstances of your case, we know how to handle it.

Dog bites are traumatic, scary, and painful. So are dog chases. Call Bottaro Injury Lawyers now to discuss your case.

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