I-95 Car Accident And What To Do

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Did you know there are many legal issues that arise after a car crash that may involve both Rhode Island and Massachusetts drivers? In my personal injury practice, our lawyers frequently deal with highway car accidents. Today, I am reviewing a recent North Attleboro, MA car accident case and pointing out why you need help after a car accident in our area:

Wrong Way Highway Car Accident Personal Injury (I-95)

I-95 is a major interstate highway that crosses through our jurisdictions of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Recently, a wrong-way driver on I-95 North shut down the highway, leaving multiple people injured – with at least two people suffering serious personal injuries. Witnesses and first responders of the accident described the scene as, “a nightmare.”

Several vehicles were involved in this motor vehicle accident, with one car on fire, and nine ambulances fleeing to the scene to help the drivers, as well as several surrounding area fire departments.

According to the accident report, the car that caused this multi-vehicle crash was going southbound crossing the highway median into the northbound lanes between Exits 5 and 6 and Interstate 295 and 495. All three lanes of 95-N were blocked, causing traffic to get tremendously backed up.

Rescue personnel had trouble reaching the scene of the car accident due to the traffic, resulting in patients being brought over to the southbound side of the highway in order to be treated and sent to the hospitals.

Initially, a medical helicopter was called down to take a patient to Rhode Island Hospital, but firefighters were able to remove the person out of their vehicle. Personal injury victims in this car accident were taken to Rhode Island Hospital and Sturdy Medical Hospital to be treated for their personal injuries.

Multi-Car Accident: Who Is At Fault? What Are Your Legal Rights In Dealing With Personal Injury?

When there are many cars involved in a car accident similar to this situation, it takes an experienced personal injury lawyer to investigate and handle the complexities that typically arise.

First, you will find that whenever there is more than on car involved in a car accident, the auto insurance companies will stall, delay, and generally act in an uncooperative fashion. Everyone wants to point the finger in other directions to avoid paying you!

In Massachusetts and Rhode Island, the legal concept of comparative negligence may be invoked. When an accident happens in Massachusetts, such as the example above, the parties even partially at fault will still be able to recover from damages. Known as a modified comparative fault state, Massachusetts allows a person to receive a reduced amount based on the percentage they are found at fault.

Also, there are other laws and timelines that may vary depending on the situation.

You need to call, text, or email us as soon as possible so that our top personal injury lawyers can assess the situation, complete important paperwork, and otherwise fight to protect your rights.

The multi car I-95 highway car accident above is a good example of some of these issues.

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