Injured On An Icy Road? $100,000 Rhode Island Car Accident Settlement

What should you do if an uninsured driver causes a head-on collision on an icy road, instantly changing your life?  For our young college professionals, a positive attitude, and fight to get better helped immensely.  Calling me right after the Rhode Island car accident also provided peace of mind.

Scituate, RI Car Accident With Multiple Fractures 

According to the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, most weather-related crashes are caused by wet or icy pavements. An average percentage of weather-related crashes occur during winter conditions: 18% during snow or sleet, 13% on icy pavement, and 16% of weather-related crashes take place on the snowy or slushy pavement. 

While driving on Hartford Pike on Route 6 in Scituate, RI., a careless driver lost control of the wheel due to speeding on icy roads. In doing so, he crossed into our client’s lane and struck her nearly head-on.

The impact of the collision caused our client to spiral, slide and crash into a ditch on the south side of the roadway.  

shattered glass of a car windshield and driver's door missing after wreck

Our client’s vehicle after the car accident

According to the police report, he stated that the at fault driver was traveling too fast, given the roadway conditions at the time. (snow-covered, wet, roadway) 

As the police pulled up to the scene, they feared for a two-car accident with possible entrapment. The Scituate Fire Department rushed our client by rescue to Rhode Island Hospital immediately.  While being admitted to the hospital, they diagnosed our client with a broken left arm, broken left leg, and broken right wrist.

Icy Roads Accident

Our client in the hospital after the car accident

Our client needed surgery and would be out of work for some time. 

What If The Car Accident Driver Does Not Have Auto Insurance? $100,000.00 Uninsured Motorist Settlement 

To make matters worse, the at fault driver allowed his bodily injury car insurance to lapse.  Legally (as I have covered on other blogs), this means that we would need to set up and pursue an uninsured motorist claim using our client’s coverage (this does not affect her rates).

We knew we had to do everything we could to help her in this situation.  As I pursued and investigated the claim, it was clear her damages were worth the $100,000.00 coverage her family purchased.  Upon going through the process, we obtained a policy limits $100,000.00 settlement that would help our client more than satisfy her lost wages and medical expenses. 

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