It Can Wait Campaign

Car Accident Attorney Assists Victims in Rhode Island and Massachusetts who have been Injured due to a Negligent Driver

In recognition of the large problem that texting and driving presents to this and other states across the country, the “It Can Wait” campaign was acknowledged by various agencies in the state as a way to draw awareness to this issue that RI car accident attorneys will tell you affects a large percentage of the driving population on a daily basis.

Last year’s program was regarded as a large success and state officials, including the RI Department of Transportation, the RI State Police, and the RI Attorney General’s Office have high hopes for an equally successful campaign this year. Starting next week, state officials will begin to spread word of the program and convey the important message that texting and driving can wait.

A current press release cites various new statistics published by

A recent … survey found that individuals who speak up can have a profound impact, particularly on teens: • 78% of teen drivers said they’re likely not to text and drive if friends tell them it’s wrong or stupid. • 90% say they’d stop if a friend in the car asked them to. • 93% would stop if a parent in the car asked them to. • 44% say they would be thankful if a passenger complained about their texting while driving.

RI personal injury attorneys assist local victims who experience injury as a result of negligent motor vehicle operation. Often times, these injuries are the result of distracted driving. Campaigns such as these provide a good opportunity to discuss the consequences of negligent behavior and to inform the general public of the hazards that they may potentially face on the road.

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