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What’s it like to be a part of the premier personal injury law firm serving Rhode Island and Massachusetts?  Our people focus on loving you, our client!  We recently sat down with Legal Assistant Bianca to find out why that matters.  Since you can call or text us for a free case review 24/7 at our (401) 777-7777 number, naturally we posed the following 7 questions: 

Bottaro Law Legal Assistant Bianca Paz-Hernandez

Legal Assistant, Bianca Paz-Hernandez

Q:  “Nobody Should Fight Goliath Alone.”  What does our mission statement say to you? 

A:  At our firm, we limit our practice to helping those with personal injuries from car accidents, slip and falls, motorcycle and bike accidents, and similar incidents.  These are regular people like me.  I have learned that without us, they do not understand what to do and are taken advantage of by the big insurance companies and medical billing companies.  So, I love being able to help our clients, who truly are the underdog! When I get involved at the beginning of the case, I can help them get their personal injury case on track including with details like phone calls, rental cars, forms, and so forth.  It is really gratifying to help! 

Q: How is our firm different from other places you have worked at?

A:   Really, our entire team is local, with deep expertise about personal injury law.  But the most important thing is that everyone here wants to help you.  We take pride in getting to know our clients, welcoming them to our firm, and helping them get through a tough injury and time in their lives.  

Q: How has your life experiences helped make our firm even stronger?  

A: I think that as a child of immigrants, I am uniquely positioned to understand new clients here. That is, many of us have never experienced a personal injury before.  So, like coming to this country, the personal injury laws and big companies can be unfamiliar and intimidating.  I can emphasize with our new clients and help them through that.

Q: Tell us about a memorable personal injury client that you helped. 

A: Recently, an older man contacted us very anxious after getting into a bad car accident.  He told me he was calling Bottaro Injury Lawyers because he worried about his medical bills and medical treatment. He simply did not know what to do.  That alone made him anxious.  I was able to spend time with this man, taking the time to get the information needed to help him, answer his questions, and then onboard him as a new client.  Leaving the office that day, he felt better mentally. So did I!

Q: How is the office environment and culture at the firm? 

A: This is the best company I have ever worked for in my life.  There is clarity on mission and we all know the core values that help make us different.  When I came onboard, I was blown away at the organization. We have detailed training and learning that includes job shadowing, power points, reading, and regular face time with my supervisor who is great! The focus on learning law was attractive to me, but we also have a deep culture of volunteering.  Our Ministry Care Team is amazing in setting up regular paid volunteer opportunities during the work day, and there is always fun events planned for after work.  The communication at our firm is really great.

Bottaro Team & Legal Assistant Bianca Paz-Hernandez volunteering

Bianca Paz-Hernandez volunteering with the Bottaro Team at the RI SoJourner House

Q:  What energizes you about working with personal injury clients in this field?

A: I really feel that I can help.  As a child of immigrants, working in the legal field is a dream come true.  At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, I am getting invaluable experience in a job with good benefits and pay.  Being bilingual allows me to work with clients who otherwise might have trouble communicating.  And again, the volunteer piece is important to me. I love the way the firm allows us to choose charities that are dear to us and then contributes.  My heart has always been “Day One” in Providence, so I am excited to see the firm contribute there. 

Q: How do you like to spend your time outside of personal injury law?

A: I am working on a bucket list of 35 destinations I want to visit before I turn 35! 

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