Lincoln, RI Rollover Car Accident Case Settled by Bottaro Law!

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Did you know that if you suffer personal injuries caused by an uninsured driver, than you may have rights to a settlement under your own car insurance? Let’s take a look at a recent case we won for our 31 year old client.

Lincoln, Rhode Island Uninsured Motorist Causes Car Crash With Personal Injuries

Our client, a 31-year-old woman from North Providence, was on her way to a doctor’s appointment. Our client traveled south on 146, just north of the Branch Ave Exit.

An unknown at-fault party was traveling in the highspeed lane. As the two came to the Branch Ave exit, the unidentified driver suddenly swerved into our client’s lane causing our client’s car to roll over!

This violent accident caused severe personal injuries to our client. Most notably, our client suffered lumbar spasms and puncture wounds to her hand and ankle.

Best RI Car Accident Lawyer Tips: Know About Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Our client called us shortly after she had been in the car accident, in pain and frantic. She was out of work, out of a car, and not knowing what to do about her personal injuries and medical treatment. Also, she was concerned that she may not have had a case, as the at-fault driver did not have any auto insurance!

Right away our team here at the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC took action. We confirmed that our client was smart enough to purchase “uninsured motorist coverage,” important coverage that I have blogged about on the site before.

With such coverage, we could pursue the same case for her as if the driver had coverage.

We quickly helped explain to our client all of her legal rights and helped her navigate getting paid for her car a rental car, and medical treatment and dealing with bills.

Our client’s multiple personal injuries resolved over time with great medical treatment. In the meantime, we got to work putting her legal case together, and ultimately her car insurance company here in Rhode Island agreed on a fair out-of-court settlement!

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