Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyer Gets To Court On Time After Flat Tire – Rescued By Clients!

Did you know that being late for court is one of most lawyer’s biggest fears?  

For me, it is right up there with being covered with rats or snakes.  I am proud to say that I can only recall being late to court once. Recently, that was put to the test.

The Best Personal Injury Lawyers Are On Time To Court, Prepared, And Wearing A Well Pressed Suit!

It is an honor and privilege to represent the injured.  Going to Court on behalf of my clients is an opportunity to help them, sometimes to actually change their lives. As a younger lawyer, I was fortunate to serve as a judicial clerk on the Colorado Court of Appeals.  There, I witnessed many lawyers coming and going to court – and also heard the Judges back room talk about their appearances and performance.  Courts are sacred places, at the forefront of the pillars of our democracy.  When a lawyer appears in Court, to me it is like appearing in church.  They should be early, let alone on time, prepared, and professionally dressed in a well-fitting, pressed suit with tie of course.

Background Of Our Client’s Case: Severe Dog Bite To 7 Year Old Requiring Court Approval

Dog Bite Court Hearing

Bristol County Superior Court – New Bedford, MA

Last week, I had an important court hearing.  You see I have been representing a 7 year old girl who was attacked by a dog, suffering several significant facial lacerations that caused psychological harm.  I am pleased to report that through her journey and amazing, loving family, my client has made a good recovery, completing treatment, and even now owning a second dog herself.  Through my team’s hard work (shout out Meghan and Hannah), we were blessed to achieve a proposed settlement that could go a long way in financing this little girl’s future college education! So, to close out the potential settlement of this Massachusetts dog bite personal injury case, we had to obtain court approval.  This is because the law wants to ensure that a settlement of this type on behalf of a minor is a good one, meaning in the best interests of the child.


Getting A Flat Tire On The Way To Bristol County Superior Court!

Injury Lawyer - Flat Tire

My car stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire

The hearing was in New Bedford, Massachusetts. I left my Providence office with plenty of time to spare (and in my well pressed suit of course).  Well, about 15 minutes out on Route 195, suddenly I heard a loud bang.  Exiting the highway, I discovered that my rear tire had popped! I was on a country road in Dartmouth. Thinking quickly, I called my clients. No answer.  I called again – they answered that they had just pulled up to Court but would swing back on the highway and come get me.  Next, I called Hannah who then called the Court clerk and defense attorney to let them know.  Minutes passed…. Suddenly, my client and her parents pulled up honking and waving – saved!  Soon, we were back on the highway, making it to New Bedford just in time!


Dog Bite Case Settled – Settlement Money Protected For 7 Year Old Client!

The Court clerk and Judge were very understanding and professional.  At the hearing, we took brief testimony and the Judge approved the dog bite settlement!  As a result, the money will be safeguarded in the form of a structured settlement that will offer a guaranteed annuity payout as our client reaches college age.  Today’s settlement funds will grow tax free so that she will have money to attend college, or perhaps start a career, buy a house, or otherwise help her in life! 

Dog Bite Client

My clients and I on our way to court

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