Why am I required to have PIP Insurance in Massachusetts?

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If you have suffered personal injuries in a Massachusetts car accident, do you know that your own auto insurance company may provide you with benefits? Our law firm handles Mass. and RI car accident cases every day and today, we will explore the meaning of personal injury protection benefits (“PIP”).

What Is Massachusetts PIP Benefits?

If you have a Massachusetts auto insurance policy then you likely fall under Massachusetts “no-fault” laws, which include PIP benefits.

On your auto policy, you may pay a premium for these PIP benefits which can provide certain financial coverage to you after a car accident, regardless of who is considered to be “at fault.”  Hence the term, “no-fault.”

In short, PIP benefits may include some coverage for medical expenses and lost wages and potentially replacement services such as home services.

PIP benefits may total up to $2,000.00 or even up to $8,000.0 depending on your health insurance plan. Additionally, you may have purchased additional benefits that we can help unlock!

How Do I Get Help With PIP Benefits? Call/Text Us 24/7 – Don’t Delay!

The precise manner in which PIP benefits apply to you, and how to best use this coverage, depends on several factors in your case. There are also forms that are required to be completed correctly and quickly in order to access these benefits!

At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, not only do we help with the personal injury case to get you top money compensation, but we also analyze your PIP benefits and complete the paperwork, etc., at no expense to you!

This is why after a Massachusetts car accident, or even if the car accident occurs in Rhode Island, but involves your car covered under PIP benefits, you should immediately call or text our law firm for free 24/7 consultation!

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