Max Policy Limits Providence RI Car Accident Personal Injury Settlement: T-Bone Crash

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After a T-bone auto accident, you need the best Providence personal injury lawyers to help fight for justice!  My firm recently settled the following case for a confidential (but maximum amount), helping our client with the hassles that come after a car crash.

Providence, Rhode Island Car Accident and Personal Injuries

Our client was driving south on Chalkstone Avenue in Providence, Rhode Island, where she approached the intersection to Smith Street, when the defendant ran a red light and suddenly struck the front side of Fernanda’s vehicle. Because of their negligence, the defendant was issued a Universal Summons – Failure to Stop at a Stop Sign.

Our client immediately went to Roger Williams Medical Center to be treated for her personal injuries. Complaining of left knee, back, and upper chest pain, our client received X-Rays and a chest CT scan to properly diagnose her. Her personal injuries included an airbag injury, a left knee sprain/strain, and chest pain.

After visiting her primary care doctor, our client was referred to physical therapy treatment. During treatment, she received injections of Marcaine for her muscle pain but still did not feel immediate relief. Our client was further diagnosed with cervical radiculitis and myositis – which is essentially a pinched nerve with muscle inflammation, including muscle spasms. Twenty-five weeks of physical therapy treatment, our client finally began to feel relief from her personal injuries.

Property Damage and Handling the Insurance Companies

Despite being bound by legal rights that protect you from unfair deals or minimal payouts, insurance companies still often try as hard as they can to minimize compensation or delay a payout.

Personal injury attorney Mike Bottaro and his legal team worked hard on this case, making sure that their client received the best service throughout her claim. Due to the heavy damage this auto accident caused, the client’s car appraisal came back as a total loss. Mike made sure his client’s property damage was handled and was able to receive proper compensation for the vehicle.

Not only did Mike handle the insurance companies, he also helped with expenses and lost wages. Attorney Bottaro was able to settle this case for a confidential amount that helped our client get her life back on track.

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