Maximum Policy Limits $52,500.00 Harrisville, RI Car Accident Settlement For Bottaro Law Client!

passenger side damage

Every day, I have the honor of overseeing an amazing group of personal injury lawyers professionals dedicated to helping people after a car accident or other personal injury. In today’s blog, let’s review a recent case result and look at some best practices.

Broadsided Harrisville, Rhode Island Car Accident – Do I Have A Case?

Our Client a 21-year-old female was a passenger in her boyfriend’s vehicle. They were heading home on the Douglas Pike.

Approaching the Route 104 intersection, a reckless driver blew through the posted stop sign. The at-fault driver slammed the passenger side of the vehicle at an estimated 40 mph.

This powerful T-bone collision sent our client’s car into an adjacent driveway and resulted in immediate injury.

As you can see, the point of impact was where our client was sitting.

Rhode Island Car Accident Personal Injury With Knee Injury – Bottaro Wins!

If you have a knee injury after a car accident in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, you may have a right to monetary compensation under the personal injury laws. At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, our team has decades of experience in knowing how to help you get better and collect top compensation.

In this case, our client went right to the hospital emergency room where doctors diagnosed several injuries including a painful knee injury.

Our client suffered for about 10 months through doctor’s visits and physical therapy visits. Fortunately, no surgery was needed.  We have had many clients who were not so lucky and needed surgery (in surgical cases, the value of your case very well may be higher).

In this case, the team here at the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC got right to work investigating the crash and organizing the medical records and bills.

Can I Use Underinsured Motorist Coverage (“UIM”) After My Car Accident?

In this case, it became apparent that the at-fault driver’s insurance was not enough to compensate our client.

After careful investigation, hard work, and hard fights, we were able to collect the maximum policy limits from both the at-fault party and our client’s UIM policy!

If you have questions about how your UIM works after a car crash or about your case, I invite you to review our case results and other blogs – and then call or text me 24/7 for a free confidential consultation on your situation