Avoid Boating Accidents This Memorial Day Weekend: The Best Personal Injury Lawyer Tips

With Memorial Day right around the corner here in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, where we practice personal injury law, I want to draw your attention to the dangers associated with boat accidents.  At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we handle many boat accident cases each year.  Thus, from our experience, below are our top three tips to stay safe over the long weekend when on the water.

Boat on the water over Memorial Day Weekend

Whether you are heading to Block Island, Potters Cove, or out by Cape Cod this Memorial Day weekend, make sure that you follow the three safety tips outlined in this blog post!

1. Boat With An Experienced Captain

Both Rhode Island and Massachusetts offer Captain’s Licenses and safety courses.  Many new boat owners attend these courses each year.  Whether you are heading to Block Island, Potters Cove, or out by Cape Cod, make sure someone safe and experienced captains your boat.

2. Ensure That The Boat Is Properly Equipped In The Event Of A Boat Accident

Boat accidents often happen suddenly.  In our personal injury practice, we have seen many nice days on the water turn into nightmares from sudden boat crashes, both with other ships and objects.  Boat accidents can cause serious injuries and property damage.  Not to mention, boat accidents are very traumatic for all on board.  So, before embarking, take a look at the equipment on the boat and of course, the boat itself.  Is the boat seaworthy?  Is the radio and radar operating properly?  Is it stocked with safety items, and so forth?  These are just some examples of critical observations to make before you go out on the water.

3.  Make Sure You And Everyone Else On Board Knows Their Role

Obviously the captain, and if you are on a commercial or large boat, the crew, know their roles, including safety and operations.  But passengers have important roles too!  This includes, first and foremost, listening to the captain.  The captain is the boss!  So listen up!  The captain will give you important instructions, as needed.  Also, while you are enjoying yourself, you can help by being an additional set of eyes and ears for the captain.  In other words, speak up when you see trouble like an approaching boat, obstacle, etc.  And of course, drinking to excess on a boat is a bad idea.  Our firm is experienced in handling personal injury cases that stem from drinking and driving in boat accidents.  Everyone needs to help out and be safe on the water!

To avoid injury, trauma, and insurance claims this Memorial Day Weekend, keep these few tips in mind.  And of course, have a happy, fun, and safe Memorial Day Weekend!

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