It’s Good to Know! Attorney Mike Bottaro Nets $205,000.00 For Woonsocket Man Injured In Car Accident

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Did you know that “-pre-existing” neck pain does not prevent you from recovering compensation after a car accident? I recently helped a local Rhode Island man recover $205,000.00 after a rear-end car accident.

Lincoln RI Rear-End Auto Accident Leads Herniated Disc And Neck Surgery

An older couple called me soon after they were rear-ended on Route 116 in Lincoln, RI.

This was a significant crash that especially affected the husband. The impact truly whipped his head back and forth.

With complaints of severe pain, an ambulance was called to the scene to take the couple to Landmark Medical Center. Both would be diagnosed with neck injuries and proceeded to go to physical therapy for treatment.

The “Eggshell Plaintiff Doctrine” – What The Insurance Company Does Not Want You To Know!

For the husband, the neck injury aggravated his underlying, or, pre-existing spinal disease. He had a long history of spine disease that had caused him off and on neck and back pain.

Unfortunately, this crash broke the eggshell, so to speak. He never recovered. Instead, the surgeons diagnosed a C4-5 right paracentral disc herniation with significant cord compression. Doctors would be left with no choice but to perform anterior cervical surgery.

Recovery was slow and painful as I dug into working on the case.

At first, the car insurance company essentially denied the case, offering a low amount by claiming that the injury was merely “pre-existing.” Without the best personal injury lawyers, most people would not stand a chance.

The public does not understand that a pre-existing injury, by itself is not the relevant issue in obtaining a top, best car accident personal injury settlement.

Instead, the eggshell plaintiff doctrine provides that legally, a person who suffers an aggravation of a pre-existing condition is absolutely entitled to compensation under Rhode Island and Massachusetts personal injury law.

And that was exactly the case here. That is, although our client had prior neck problems, he never needed surgery before this violent rear-end crash!  Through research and hard work, we proved that our client had suffered this injury as a result of this accident.

I’m genuinely grateful to obtain this settlement for my clients. They can now get back on the road to recovery with the peace of mind that all their medical bills are covered.

If you are injured in a car accident, I want to be your lawyer. Call me 24/7 for a free consultation today.

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