Heroic Dad’s Case Settles With Mike’s Help!

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Have you ever met a real life hero? Dad of the year? In this case, Mike’s client was a 31-year old father of two children under the age of two who just may have saved his kids’ lives.

Rhode Island Car Accident With Personal Injuries: Struck In Crosswalk

Our client’s family was visiting Rhode Island for a work conference in Providence. Dad was walking his kids in a stroller. He was in a downtown crosswalk with the right of way when a careless driver took a right hand turn coming right at his children in front of him!

Thinking fast, dad pushed the stroller ahead, out of harm’s way, but placing himself in the line of fire. The ensuing auto accident occurred when the negligent driver slammed into dad – driving him across the crosswalk and pinning him into another car!

Rescue transported dad to Rhode Island Hospital where doctors admitted him for emergency surgery with multiple personal injuries, including an open fracture to his left leg. Dad returned home to ongoing doctor visits and treatment for various types of injuries.

Maximum Policy Limit Personal Injury Settlement Achieved

During the investigation, Attorney Mike Bottaro secured diagrams of the crash and researched the injuries. Our client and family needed help with, among other items, forms and medical expenses due to an unusual health insurance policy.

Attorney Mike Bottaro handled this case personally. From handling medical records and bills, dealing with insurers, and providing other legal opinions and advice – Mike made sure that his client was receiving the best care.

Ultimately, Mike was able to secure a confidential policy limit Rhode Island personal injury settlement from this tragic car accident.

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