Mike Bottaro Settles Warwick RI Client Settles Pedestrian Car Accident Case

subarachnoid hemorrhage

Pedestrian auto accidents can disrupt your life and lead to auto accident legal claims. After a car struck our client while she was walking across the street in Pawtuxet Village, personal injury attorney Mike Bottaro fought to achieve justice for his client.

Rhode Island Pedestrian Car Accident with Personal Injuries

Our client was heading out to dinner in Pawtuxet Village, a beloved Rhode Island attraction where people can walk around and enjoy shops and various restaurants. After dropping her family in front of the restaurant and parking her car, our client headed over to the curb to cross the street. The defendant did not see the car on the opposite side stop to let our client cross. As she was halfway across the street, the defendant slammed into our client at a high rate of speed.

Knocked unconscious, Warwick Fire Department brought our client to Rhode Island Hospital where they diagnosed her with several personal injuries – including a right parietal subarachnoid hemorrhage, amnesia, vertigo, and traumatic fracture of the left pubis. Our client began treatment at home after being inpatient care at Rhode Island Hospital. Once she was able to, our client began chiropractic and physical therapy treatment.

Attorney Mike Bottaro personally handled the case from start to finish, striving to provide help with forms, insurance company calls, and other important legal opinions and advice. In this case, damages from this accident included lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical expenses and settled for a confidential amount.

Rhode Island Pedestrian Accidents: Common Causes

In a previous blog post, we discuss the common causes pedestrians are injured from cars failing to pay attention and stop. Just like what happened to our client, pedestrian car accidents can occur when a driver does not see the pedestrian and strikes you while crossing the street. As mentioned, the defendant did not have his headlights on, which is why he did not see our client. Another main cause of pedestrian accidents is various distractions.

Distracted driving accidents caused by a driver can be influenced from many things. A major distraction that could cause a car accident is texting and driving. Another blog post was written about the new hands-free law in Rhode Island, so drivers should be aware not to use their phone while on the road.

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